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Exhaust stud replacement


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I want to polish my exhaust header pipes, ideally by removing them this winter. To do that I've got to pull the rusty nuts off the rusty studs. I'm sure I could do that even it if required buying one of those stud removal tools. The question is, can I remove and replace the factory studs without them snapping? And what replacements would I use? I'd thought of buying APR stainless studs and nuts but not sure what size. Anyone have any pearls of wisdom for me? Thanks! 

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I don't think anyone can tell you if you'll be able to remove the rusty studs without one of them snapping off.  Unless you're prepared for the possibility of a broken stud, I'd just clean them up best you can and leave them installed. 

Best of luck to you which ever way you decide to go. 👍

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Heat the nut red hot and bump it with a light impact wrench is what I do on really bad car exhaust.  If its not that bad just some PB blaster and an impact will do it.  Im NOT saying go full HAM with a heavy air impact, all you need is light hammering to loosing it up, much better than just a wrench.  If you can get the nut off usually the stud comes out of the aluminum heads  easy, sometimes by hand or just double stack the nuts and work it out. 

You could try running the bike till everything its HOT, then loosen the nut.

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