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buying a fz07 with duplicate title Need advice


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Im looking at a dope 2016 fz07 with under 5k miles, the bike is clean and has some nice, expensive mods (akra titanium exhaust, nitron shock, woodcraft clip ons, etc.) Only thing that sketches me out is that the bike has a duplicate title issued a month ago?

Idk if its a stupid question but should this concern me? is it normal that the bike has a duplicate title and it has a reading of 0001 miles on the title? The title is in the sellers name and he seems to be a nice guy. Attached are pictures of the title and a vin check I ran (some things covered for privacy reasons)



heres a reddit post if you cant see the pictures


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Something about a duplicate would make me uncomfortable too, though I’m not sure why. A quick google search makes it seem legit, probably lost the original. Did you ask the seller why he had a duplicate title? 

Good luck with purchase  



Do you need a duplicate title for your car or truck in New York? This guide shares how to get a new one if it was lost, damaged, or stolen.


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Have a conversation with the BMV about it.   Find out what the deal is from their standpoint.  If the title is in the original owner's name you could get a Power of Attorney along with a bill of sales for the machine and have them should the original title come up in the hands of the original owner.   Talk to an attorney about it.  Might cost you a few bucks, but could well be worth it.

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