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R6 Front Master Compatibility?


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I wanted to know if the FZ/MT-07 brake lines and banjo bolt were compatible with the R6 front master cylinder (5SL-W2587-00-00). If not, what size would I need?

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From some past experience playing with disc brake set ups, if the calipers are essentially the same size piston bores it will match.  If slightly larger you will find the brakes more powerful, but more lever travel and vice versa.   Banjo bolts are essentially generic in thread in Japanese bikes, possibly Euro too.  I put a Honda 500 interceptor brake with an 83 GL1100 master cylinder (single caliper) on it.  I also ordered some brake lines from a company in Canada, came with new banjo bolts, bolted on to both Honda and Kawasaki parts.   I don't recall the thread size, but pretty much universal none the less.

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Are you sure that the brake line fittings will be fine with a different banjo bolt and not leak or be too small in diameter? I ask because I'm most likely going to use the banjo bolt that should hopefully be with the R6 master just to be on the safe side in the event the thread pitch is different.

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Does the fact that the part is listed for use on probably a couple hundred Yamahas convince you?  Yours is in that list as well.


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