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swingarm bearings


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Have you lubed them properly?

Lithium based grease and clean the gunk out? 

the service interval for the swingarm is every 6-8k

ATGATT... ATTATT, two acronyms I live by.

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Just now, fourth1 said:

My FZ07 has 7K miles on it and it seems like my swingarm bearings are shot.Has anyone else experienced this and any suggestions

Talk about lurking, holy trap. 😉 

Altho your swingarm bearings could be bad, I highly doubt it after that many miles. These things have kind of a jangly rear suspension set up on them from the factory. There is a bit of slop in the shock clevis's, the pork chop, dog bones, frame and engine mounts that combined add up to some 'wiggle' that may appear to be from the swingarm itself. I've had many of these apart including mine several times (some would even say mine gets used hard) and they always pass muster when cleaned up and lubed. Put the beast up on jack stands and pull the hind end apart and inspect it, lube it and replace anything suspect when putting it back together. It's an easy job and I suspect you'll find its ok. The swinger has bearing cap/seals over the ends to protect the bearings.  Even if it needs new bearings it's a cheap and easy task. 

Good luck and let's not wait 4 years for your next post, lol. 


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thanks for the reply,your right about the component quality.Every winter I tear into bike a little further each year and usually around 3rd or 4th is when I would get into swingarm and suspension linkage grease-inspect etc.So I will try and mic whatever I can etc.But it has a definite play or click kind of when I tip in either way its not noticeable every time but its annoying.Its more of a low speed thing.    PS  I'll try not to lurk as much  Thanks  lol

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