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I received some new gear the other day. A back protector to replace the solid foam protector that came with the jacket. The original would probably do good job of cushioning the impact in a spill but it doesn't breath, makes my back all sweaty. If you have one like that that I highly recommend this one by Alpinestars because it's light weight, should absorb impacts well and best of all … it allows air to get to your back and keep you cooler and drier. It fits most jackets also in case you were wondering.

I wanted some decent (mild) winter gloves made of leather that had sliders on the palms and found these for very little. They provide decent protection and a little warmth. 

I needed some new night glasses to cut down on glare from headlights and provide some eye protection for when I lift my face shield while moving and these looked pretty good. They fit nicely, don't feel or look cheap and should do the job nicely. 




I comment on them at a later date to and give a rating.

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On 11/6/2019 at 11:31 PM, Bigturbomax said:

How did this gear work out beemer?

I took a ride on Wednesday with @DewMan and the back protector was a plus. Of course you don't get a lot of air hitting the back in the first place but I can honestly say that with the gobs of venting it did feel like the hot air that normally builds up underneath a foam protector was non existent and I could barely tell it was there either, it's so light. I feel confident it will absorb any impact and hold up much better in a slide than regular dense foam also. 

I can't comment on the gloves, I didn't wear them because it wasn't quite cold enough but the temps are dropping now so maybe the next ride. 


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