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Filtering/Lane splitting 101


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What's the rule if a bike makes contact with a car when splitting? I would imagine ANY contact would get very negative reactions - and in my opinion rightfully so... However, I have to think bumping into vehicles occasionally is going to happen.
Where it is legal to split, are drivers just more tolerant/accepting of motorcycles ticking mirrors, etc (assuming no damage)?

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What's the rule if a bike makes contact with a car when splitting?  

This is an interesting question. The chances of making contacts are extremely rare. Its like driving a car and wondering, what are the chances of making contact with another car on a 4 lane highway. You are used to let a few feet gaps on each sides. Same with the bike, except that you get used to let a few inches between your bike widest parts (usually the handle bar) and car mirrors (their widest parts).
Believe me, even when driving my car, my friends are amazed how much space is between my car and other cars (few inches). You do learn distances in inches (or cm) when driving in tight city streets.
I once saw a Ferrari drive pretty fast in a very narrow street in Rome, with a few inches from his mirrors and the sides of each building. I was extremely impressed 8D
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I have hit a mirror or two with my bar end mirrors on the 7 and because traffic was nuts I just kept on going kinda one of those things in SoCal that happens every now and again. This bike seems to be at the perfect sedan mirror height so splitting is a little more dicy sometimes. I still manage quite well.

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