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FTECU Quickshifter Install Instructions Help


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Okay so I searched but have not found any decent instructions for installation on my 2017. I also have aftermarket Rearsets which is creating another issue with the shift rod (2 male connector ends) rubbing in the shifter itself. 
I didn’t get any instructions with the kit but Nels sent the diagram for which wire goes to each pin in the ECU connector, so that’s done. Other than that I am at a standstill. 
Does anyone have any install instructions for this kit? 2WDW closed today so I can’t get any answers today and don’t have time to mess with tomorrow. TIA

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I ended up with a tool tray full over the years but get yaself an assortment of these, 

Sportbike Track Gear offers one of the best selections of motorcycle gear in the industry. Buy helmets, jackets, parts, tires & more online for a great price!

Or you can measure and get just what you need, but it will still be wrong, anyway get some,

Then, arrange your shift gear to end up something like this, (makes no diff what kind/style of rearset you have)


With approximate 90° angles everywhere there is a force direction change. Your pressure pot can go on either end of said rod, whichever gives the best clearance. Route your sensor wire where it won't get pulled apart or pinched by boots or bodywork, remember it has to move with the apparatus.  Then zip tie it securely out of the way. 

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5 minutes ago, Jord said:

What’s the empty bottle strapped underneath for? Just wondering 

Airbox or rocker cover catch can, required for racing.

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