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Hello from Holland

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Hello everybody,

I'm a proud owner of a MT-07, well sort of...
The thing is -as you can probably tell from my username- I have a 2006 Yamaha Raptor 700 with the heart of an MT-07 in it.
Me and my mate have built it in "the shed".
So instead of the thumping single cilinder which is stock in a Raptor 700 I now have the powerplant you all know and probably love ( I certainly do )
Let me tell you it’s a real blast to thrash around either on- or offroad.
I often used this site for some "hard to find answers" during the build and I thank you all for this.

Kind regards,
Raptor MT-07

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welcome aboard,  I  hope ya enjoy it here as much as  I  do  !!

oh, and Pix are  REQUIRED   !!!

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10 hours ago, endogear said:

its look like four wheeler

And you are absolutely right, however this one has an MT07 Engine.

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