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Gas light blinks 8 times ( doesn't read tank)


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Hey guys so my gas light blinks eight times pauses and blinks again, it does not read how much gas I have in the tank I am Planning on taking apart the tank and hoping it’s just a loose wire does anybody have any insight on this, I have looked on multiple forums and don't see this problem to often please help... 

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I personally haven't done any work to it, my first bike and I feel like i got a lil beat on the bike so im just trying to fix everything and clean up the bike as the previous owner didn't really care about it as much. It has a check engine light on but doesnt display a self diagnostics code on the display do u know if i can plug in a obd reader to it...... Not a a mechanic but i do okay working on stuff with a bit of help with the internet, thank you 

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Not to dodge your question but more information is always welcome and facilitates troubleshooting. It also helps you run through a mental checklist and help minimize the chance of overlooking something obvious. Work your way through the next paragraph and odds are you will solve your issues and will certainly be much more familiar with the new toy. 😊

When dealing with a used machine of any kind it's always a good idea to start at one end and methodically work to the other, give it the works. By this I mean wash it and carefully inspect it for damage, wear and tear, loose or disconnected wires or sensors, properly installed and properly functioning aftermarket componants and accessories. Also look for damage, both old and new. Is/has the damage been repaired? Look for signs of worn or damaged componants such as wear items, levers, controls, brakes etc. Spend an hour cleaning the brake calipers with simple green and a tooth brush. Check, clean and lubricate the chain and sprockets. Do all the lights and blinkers work? Change the engine oil and filter. Clean and lubricate all the controls and cables. Replace those that hitch or bind. Throw some fresh spark plugs in it if you can. Here's a big one; charge the battery and clean and tighten all battery cables and grounds, galvanic scale can build up quickly on loose cable ends especially with weak batteries. (many folks just twist the cable connections and call it good). With the help of a friend, lean it over a wee bit on the sidestand and spin the wheels. Any noise, oscillation, rubbing, wobbles? 

This was just a quick overview and may have overlooked a few things but you get the idea. Take your time, crank some tunes and spend a couple hours playing with her, you'll be glad you did. 

My gas gauge does the exact same thing but I have my tank filled with race foam. This makes me think you either have a low voltage issue or a wonky gauge, possibly from sitting with no fuel in the tank? It's pretty easy to pull the goods outta the bottom of the tank to mess with. You can pull the codes from the dash/ecu. You can download the owners manual online and I would highly suggest you get a Chilton or factory shop manual for reference.

And finally, always start with simple and most obvious first and work methodically through your problem. Resist the urge to jump around or to conclusions that end up confusing the issue and more than likely cause you to miss the problem all together.

Good luck. 

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