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1 hour ago, Jord said:

What is that silver thing for? 


It's a vac diaphragm on euro spec bikes. Controls a solenoid valve and has something to do with sound dampening. Check out 


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45 minutes ago, Jord said:

Ahh ok, dampens intake sound? I wonder why only euro bikes need this 

euro noise standards make it a requirement

Just shut up and ride.

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That silver thing opens a flap in the air box for additional intake air, controlled by the negative air pressure the motor produces around 4500 rpm.


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In Europe we have stricter lows , so Yamaha made this valve that limits the amount of air coming in to the air box .

at 4500 rpm that valve opens , letting more air in , this limits the sounds below 4500  but don’t affect the performance because gives air when needed 

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