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Sad Day Yesterday: Stored My 07 for the Winter


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It's that time of year again.  Yesterday I took my 07 out for the final ride of the season, and then put it into storage for the winter.  Can't wait for April--sigh.


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Tis the only time of the year it sits still long enough to get anything done to it. Plus I have time to launder more household funds for next season.

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I feel bad for all you northerners

You've gotta become a snowbirds and come to Phoenix for the winter

Avg high is about 60f

Avg low is about 29f


If you want the snow, go north to Flagstaff 

And he'll, a 6hour ride and you're in Los Angeles and at the beach


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ATGATT... ATTATT, two acronyms I live by.

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