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Higdonion trailcage and skid plate


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Does anyone have any experience with the company? I really like the look of the cage and skid plate. I plan to put highway pegs on it so I can stretch out a bit on the road.  I am sort of wanting to use my bike as light duty adv bike. I don't want to be stuck to the pavement.  I may ride down some well graded dirt and gravel roads as well as open double track. Nothing aggressive or really off road. The WR250r is for that.

Sure I could sell my MT and get a T7 however it weights more than my MT and is taller. I am short, light and weak so I would not be able to deal with a T7 in real off road.  For the type of off road riding I plan to do on a heavy bike, I see no real advantage getting a different bike.


The Urban Higdonion cage and skid is still a fantastic setup but we wanted to make some upgrades! Better protection and more ground clearance to start. A more ridged three denominational aluminum skid plate for better...


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@Grant31781, Higdonian is a supporting vendor of the forum.  While I have no personal experience with them I have heard nothing but good things about them and @Cruizin is very selective about who he allows the forum to be associated with.   Check them out in the supporting vendors area of the forum. 

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