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Adjustable MRA Windscreen


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I have an MRA wind screen and I really really like it ,(Now  I would probably pick the Black and maybe the short one )and It works well , but like any screen it is a compromise between looks and wind protection . The only way to have a better protection is to buy one of the ugly screens ... or it is ? 

Just out of curiosity I designed and 3D printed a sliding mechanism that replace the MRA supports , and ... it worked well ! 
I messed up a lot of details and some more important things 

This first prototype uses an o-ring as a brake that you tight to stop the sliding 

is decent but not perfect 


second prototype, I’m using a lever pushed by a spring as a release mechanism, the tip of the lever will lock on a serrated guide (?!) ( a line of gear like teeth )

Not enough range of motion and Wrong measures ( and a little too tall ) 

prototype number 3 ,I started to use bearing as .......

that story is a little longer that expected...

fast forward To the present 

this is the current state 

Needs little works to be perfect 
I will do all the fixes before showing the final part but this is the range of motion you can expect (I will add a couple of millimeters in the lower position) 


the windscreen in the lower position, will be possible to lower it just a bit more . Can be moved in the stock position and EVERY dimension is the same as before the adjuster .

(you can see my reflection and.. guess the other bike ! )


just a little up !


the screws are a few mm longer so I use spacers to make them fit ... this prototype is not usable Or at least I don’t trust it as I used as little plastic as possible and I used  pla , a more user friendly/cheaper plastic and even greener ... 


all the way up ! 
I believe that this is a little less than 8cm higher , but I didn’t feel useful to add more 


of course the moment I’ll take a photo is when everything In the garage is not properly ordered .. 

The final version :

will have brass inserts to screw the screen in

will be made out of black petg ,  a better plastic very well suited for outdoor use and with good thermal resistance

Will have a connection between the levers of the two sides , to make the  adjustment a breeze 

and will be just stronger and cooler ..

but will take a lot of time to make a kit for a bike ! 

Now , hollow , print anything together In a single moment and with little care of the small cosmetic imperfections -> 20h

the final version will Be 30/35 h with the “bonus” that I will not print things together to reduce the imperfections and there are 12 printed pieces .. soo 12 different prints !



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Wow this is amazing work you've done! I've been over here experimenting with shims to get my national cycle screen at the perfect height for me and you're designing an adjuster lol. VERY impressed!

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Tested up to 150 km/h and for a little less than week

For this last prototype I used a plastic called PLA ,fairly strong , easy to print and cheaper that other but will soften starting at 60 degrees (Celsius)  perfect for the prototypes but not for the Sicilian summer 

Sooo I choose to make it green , so I’m forced to change it because I don’t like this color on the bike 😅 

I will make it out of black PETG

a plastic perfect for uv exposure , even stronger than PLA and a lot more heat resistance ( also chemically resistance )

Now ! This is how it works :

Pressing the lever is possible to move the windscreen up and down ( as much as you want )and releasing the lever the screen will be locked 

is possible to press the windscreen with a bit of force and lower it , this is intended to be a safe way to lower the screen without stopping .

 I don’t believe that raising the screen during motion is safe , and I wanted  even less the possibility of being hit in the face by the windscreen, so , I preferred to lock the screen from raising and even If both independent levers will fail , there are two additional stops .

so .. this is the result:


This is how it looks In cad (this is the new version with just some aesthetic differences ) WJwE1ZX.jpgItFYQhR.jpg5g1SbjV.jpghz2wDo8.jpg

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This is SOOOOO cool!

I wish i had the skills and hardware to make something like this for my vstream screen

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Hey thank you! Is not that hard , learning Fusion 360 may be the hardest part and there are a lot of tutorial to ease the learning 

Mmmm may be possible to reuse the base of my design and just change the top part 

but I need some measurements to be sure 

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Would love to see this on the Givi A2118 Windscreen in the future. Was looking into making a solution like this for my bike as well. Also thinking of including a quick release for days when I don't want to use the windscreen. 

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Mmmm Surely is more difficult, but may be possible . the Givi’s attachment point are quite farther apart but the way the piece is designed could allow for this  🤔

But measurements are needed to be sure 

the quick release could be also added , but may need testing to ensure enough rigidity 

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Tested for a longer/faster highway ride ( and colder ...)  

that shet works ! 
If you are in a tucked position, you can drink some tea and watch Netflix.. is THAT  good !

and In a raised and relaxed ride is also pretty good !
Is less effective in a sporty but not tucked type of ride as the extension will simulate a longer screen but with the same angle  .

I’m 1.8 Meters high ( 5.9/6 feet ?! Please go metric, I’ll pay for the new ruler ) so take it in to consideration .

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