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Akrapovic Ti bracket bolts touching exhaust?


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Installed the Akra full Ti and noticed that the bracket bolts, when tightened down, touch the actual exhaust can. Has anyone run into this? 

I know that people have said the included hardware is relatively soft but I don't feel like this should happen. I'm planning on adding a couple washers so there's no contact.

Would love to hear the community's thoughts.



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Mine looks the same way-

""W.O.T. until you see god, then brake"

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On mine they're real close but don't touch.

Just shut up and ride.

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Thanks for the responses! I ended up going down to the local Ace hardware and getting a couple washers to alleviate my OCD. $.20 later it's a perfect fit. As you can see the bolts are now flush with the holders and nothing is touching the can (don't mind the random piece of lint that happens to be between the two in the pic). Cheers 🍺



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2 hours ago, Raven said:

You could also file or grind a few mm off them. Mine had about 1mm gap

Yeah that was my initial thought too but I decided to go with a washer so as to not have to file/modify the original hardware for peace of mind!

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