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We had a few inches  of rain a few days before I decided to try the MT07 on a few dirt roads. It was too cold to ride on the highway so i figured I would tool around on some dirt roads. My dual sport was down for maintenance and I was curious to see how the MT would do on well graded dirt. My driveway is long with a mix of sand a gravel so I knew it did fine on it.

The plan was to avoid the mudholes. That didn't work out so well. On the last road, a truck wound up following me.  As I approach a large rutted mud puddle, there was no way to avoid it so I had to send it. I bet that guy in the truck was wonder what in the hell is this guy doing on a street bike on a dirt road. LOL 

The dirt experience was very exciting as the bike waddled through the mud hole slinging mud! When I hit the pavement I must have dropped the clutch into 2nd a little bit hard as the bike came up in a long shallow wheelie leaving the truck. Still wounder what that guy was thinking.  The entire experience had me laughing not believing I just send this bike though a mud hole. The laughing stopped once I had to wash the bike. Ugh I hate washing muddy bikes.



Here is a link to the photos. They were too large to upload to the post.😁


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I like your story! When I first got my bike I ventured out into the countryside and found an old, gravel road and something sparked in me because I used to ride on dirt trails a lot and I got a little wild cutting that back tire loose with some power slides. It wasn't smooth like the road in your pics but it was without potholes. The best fun comes at a price, the washing. It's worth it.


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Yeah that slick tire and 70 hp makes for some cray tire spinning! My WR250r is still muddy from my last adventure. Cleaned the chain left the rest muddy LOL. It will get more mud added to it this weekend then I will clean it off. LOL 

There were potholes on the other road. I rode the bike  up to 25mph and stood on the pegs in the bumpy stuff. 

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