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Ebay helmet lock that uses YOUR key.


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I shoulda taken pictures but didn't think of it til I was done. Anyway, I bought one of the cheap helmet locks off eBay that goes in place of the master cylinder bar clamp. It works great, but I was tired of the extra key. 



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So I decided to see if I could rekey it. These locks use the flat leafs instead of round pins and I wanted to see if I could reorientate the leafs to accommodate my bike key. I was able to move the leafs around but still had one standing a little tall, preventing the lock from opening, so I just filed it down a bit.  If you don't know how rekeying works, check out a Youtube video. It's super easy and I would do a horrible job explaining it anyway


If you stick the wrong key in a lock it will look like this- with pins or leafs still protruding. You can simply just stick your key in the lock and file/sand/dremel down the nubs if you want. Just look before you file them down to make sure you aren't weakening them too much. Then disassemble the mechanisms nd clean the grit out VERY well. Doesn't take much to jam up  lock. 



Anyway, it worked out! I actually did this a few months ago. I regretted not taking pictures and forgot taking this video until I saw it in some files. It's been sooo nice having one key for everything! This ust shows my stock Yamaha key working the lock now. The key was a bit sticky so I had to go back in and massage one more leaf, but you get the idea :)



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