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Kuryakyn Pet Palace bag on the rear seat


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Hi guys, I'm Dalia and I'm from Italy

I have a MT-07 and I bought the Kuryakyn Pet Palace bag, because I want to ride with my lovely dog!
I need a very safe fixing method to put the bag on the rear seat.
The base of the bag is rigide and is 46cm*32cm. I saw on this forum a few method of how to attach luggage on the rear seat.
But I'm undecided  if simply attach it under the seat or take a luggage rack and (somehow) fix it to the seat definitively. I also tought to buy handles.
If you have any advice or how to do that, I would be happy!

I attach picture of Ollie and the bag :)


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Adorable dog. Maybe try one of those SW motech seat racks? It replaces the rear seat with a platform to mount luggage to.

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If you know anyone with machining/fabrication skills, getting the rear seat made into a flat-rack for luggage would be rather simple

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I don’t think I would feel comfortable with it unless it was strapped to a solid mounted rack. I would be nervous that it could slide or come off. My .02

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I saw your post a couple days ago... I'm a TOTAL dog lover! Have you had previous experience with said dog on a bike??? I would think that removing the passenger pillion, and mounting the carrier directly to the frame would be the best route. I think It would be really fun to ride with a dog (as long as the dog was clearly enjoying it as well). Please post pics after you have this sorted out-


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Hi guys! Sorry but I haven't received notifications from your replies!

I saw the sw motech seat rack but it's very expensive and I read some bad review with the closing system. 

I don't know anyone with fabrication skill😓

@cornerslider I've never tried to travel with my dog...but we are in perfect harmony and I hope he likes it!


Thanks for your answer...For now I'm waiting for the handles and next I will try! I'll keep you up to date🤙


PS: sorry for the grammatical error☺️

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