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R77 full Yoshi exhaust.


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I had Yamaha dealer install a full Yoshi exhaust, before dropping it off I asked if they tune it afterwards.   They said "yah" they adjust the o2 levels for the new exhaust. I asked if they do that via the ECU and he said " no yamaha wont allow us to change that. So my question to you guys is...are they blowing smoke? How else would they tune the bike if they do not change the ECU? And should I send the ecu out to 2wheeldynoworks as the dealership probably didnt do crap anyways. Btw I just got it back from the shop,  and unless It was completely obvious I probably would notice if it ran differently.  Thx

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I think you have been misinformed by the dealer.  Unless they installed a Power Commander or something similar (and I am sure they did not) then the only other way to change tuning is through the ECU.  It should run fine with stock tuning, but it will be so much better with a proper tune.  I am running the stock exhaust and even that is hugely improved with a 2WDW tune. 

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