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broken parts in oil pan


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Ok well I had the worse thing happen to me it feels like. 

I came home from vacation and took my bike to work the next morning. nothing out of the ordinary, my oil light flashed at me right before i got to work, but didnt think anything of it because i was near 3000 sense my last change. So i just thought I would do an oil change when i got home. on the way home started to have a knock, also had a lot less acceleration. right before i got to the drive way there was one big knock. i parked it added oil because i was low like just under a quart. took it around the block and it sounded fine.

the next morning i took it to work again but got less than i mile and heard the knock again so i did a U turn and changed out for the cage. when i got home again i removed my oil pan and found a lot of flakes but also a few chunks that you can see in the pic. also some rocks. The clutch is worn also so i think the flakes are the clutch and bad bearing. 

I removed the engine and started a full tear down the bearings were bad on one piston rod the other one feels good but haven't got far enough to remove the other piston.  I have still yet to find out where these mystery parts have come from or how the rocks got in there. 

My best guess now is it all came from a crash i had over a year before this happened. 

Im posting to hear other ideas and maybe someone knows. but also to ask for help on what size the bold is on the oil cooler so i can remove it and separate the crankcase and see everything. 


IMG_6101 (1).jpg

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No idea how ROCKS got in there due to a "crash" unless you aren't telling the whole story.  That is obviously the problem.  Where did your missing quart of oil go?  Another possibility is your bike was vandalized by someone putting them in thru the oil fill plug.  Second thought--you have any young kids in the house to put them in there?

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Oops. Yeah you’re right I forgot to say when I crashed it blew out the front of my oil pan. No kids and my oil cap is very very hard to get off. You can’t by your hands and it’s always under my camera when I’m not home. I know it’s unlikely but I feel like when it blew out some stuff when up a little and stay up there until I replaced the oil pan and filled it up with oil again. 

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I can see rocks getting all up inside the motor if the pan was smashed-scooped up rocks and when the bike was tumbling it let rocks go where they please... some of them rocks are too big to fit thru the oil fill cap before they hit the clutch basket...

Looking  at the potential cost to rebuild- I'm picture almost worst case- you would be better off buying a used running motor- I have seen em on fleabay fron 800-1400 bucks before shipping/taxes... 

I just picked one up a few weeks ago to start my boosted e85 build...

2015 fz-07- Hordpower Edition...2015 fj-09- 120whp- Graves Exhaust w/Woolich Race Kit- tuned by 2WDW

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Sorry to say your engine is FOOKED.  Used would be the way to go. Must be a million crashed bikes out there with perfect engines.

For future reference an oil light is NOT just a suggestion, it means pull over NOW and shut it off. 

Got new red 2015 FZ-07 on 7/22/16!
Black 2006 Honda ST1300 53K miles.

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