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I've had my 2019 MT-07 for a little over three weeks. I've put only 140 miles on it so far. (Damn Indiana weather) But it has not stopped me from playing on it. So far I've installed an R1 throttle tube, Shogan frame sliders, Evotech fork and swing arm sliders, Motodynamic fender delete, TST brake modulator, and last but not least upgraded the headlight to a Beamtech LED.  Waiting on my wind screen now. In the mean time I have to save up for a exhaust and flash tool after I finally get to break in the bike. LOL, I'll post pictures soon. But I love this bike so far.

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Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your new MT-07. 


"Do not let this bad example influence you, follow only what is good" 

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Damn dude! You’re gonna be right at home here.  It’s an amazing place but also a bad influence on your wallet.

You’re going to LOOOOVE the exhaust note when you upgrade, completely changes the bike and the experience of riding it with the flash. 

I appear to be in the minority here, as my bike is 99% stock except for my carbon akra pipe and 2wdw flash.

I’ll admit,  I was toying with the idea of “upgrading” to a faster & nicer bike (st3, r9t, mt09, or 821) after one year, so I rocked the mt07 bone stock. I’ve pretty much fallen in love with the bike and it’s sooooo cheap and easy to maintain, I think the yam is here to stay for a while, possibly indefinitely. 


 I’m kiiiinda shitty at turning a wrench, which is stopping me from modding out my bike, not that I want to change much. 

On my to do list, essential: fender delete, super bright led headlight, upgrade horn. On my wishlist, eventually: woodcraft/sato rearsets, brake light modulator, maybe better mirrors. All easily doable jobs, maybe I’ll get to them in the spring since I have to do all my work in the gutter of the street 🤣

Honestly the bike is great as is. welcome to the forum and enjoy the bike! 

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I'm not a bad influence...just helping out the economy 😁

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2015 fz-07- Hordpower Edition...2015 fj-09- 120whp- Graves Exhaust w/Woolich Race Kit- tuned by 2WDW

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