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MT07/FZ07 SC project downpipes and belly pan


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New member so forgive me if I have formatted this post wrong, anyways I'm having an issue with finding a belly pan that will partner with the downpipes of my SC project exhaust as they come out quite far, OEM sub cowls fit, but they don't curl around the whole exhaust leaving the centre exposed to road mc'gubbins plus the £200+ price tag is quite steep. Anyone know if there's a pan that will fit perfect? Or a pan that I need to cut? 

If anyone does have the OEM one is it as bad as I'm saying it is?

Any help would be appreciated :)



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Hmmmm.... Are you looking for a "race" belly pan to catch potential fluid, or is this just a "cometic" mod?

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I was replacing my header bolts and just realised how much crap off the road had got behind the pipes so ideally I'd like one that's just functional, to catch fluid and to stop grit/salt flying at my pipes and what's behind them.

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