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[Help needed] Hi guys i wanna do in house flashing for my ECU


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Hi guys i wanna do in-house flashing for my ECU, i have the BIN and XDF file for my ECU and a checksum software for it.

When viewing the file in tunerpro it looks like this:image.thumb.png.a08982662ee2c9199fb9b3a04d2a1357.png


The guy that sold me the files gave me this schema:


And this pinout schema:


I have a few questions tho ( the seller does not speak english very well so its hard to understand his instructions )

1. Do you think he connects both grounds together and then plug them both to the ECU ( X pattern )
2. Does the same 12V gets plugged in both 12V pins (i assume this would end up as 6V per pin)
3. I have a dynojet map but i am not sure which map to edit in tunerpro because there is alots of things related to fuel.

I would appreciate a skype talk with screensharing with someone experienced at flashing at this level

Anyway any hints is good to take.

Thanks everyone :)

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Ok, so im not an expert here, but am a user of FTecu on this ECU, have modded ECUs for forced induction and have used tuner pro quite extensively so I will attempt to help as i can. 

Disclaimer: i am not responsible for anything that goes sideways here as you are in somewhat uncharted territory. 

First off, are you gonna flash on bike or off bike?

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From what I can see, this looks like some sort of bench flashing kit (off the bike/on the work bench) because the wiring diagram is calling out a power supply. 

1) The grounds would be tied together, and hooked up to the ground side of your power supply, as shown in the 2nd picture you posted. 

2) The diagram shows 12v would be sent to both pins from the power supply.  This would NOT split into 6v per pin, both pins would get 12v.

3) I just downloaded tunerpro (to check it out, never used it before) but obviously i dont have a file so that didnt help me much.  But the way the PCV maps adjust the tps fuel tables is a percent multiplier for that specific cell (tps v rpm), so if PCV map says 5 it would multiply the corresponding cell in your tune by "1.05". Also, the tps resolution of the factory tune is about 3% and the pcv is anywhere from 2-20%, so you will need to do some interpolation across the intermediate cells. You may need to use excel unless you can do that in the program.

The "TPS" maps are fueling based on throttle postion and rpm. This is where you want to adjust for full throttle performance.

The "Map" section is fueling based on intake manifold vacuum ( NOT baro pressure, Map=Manifold absolute pressure).  This is used at idle, and blended with tps fueling during part throttle situations (cruising). 

The "Acceleration pump" is to correct throttle tip in lean condition.  I.E. the "bog" when you crack the throttle. I would leave this alone.

The  "%map v tps" is the blending mentioned above during cruising. I would also leave this alone.

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Damm sorry guys, I never saw your replies.

I tried doing as in the schema, but I think my FTDI cable was not working as properly because i never got any signal on my computer.

I got the bike tuned by a local shop, however I just ordered a few things and I will give this another try because there is a change I want in my ECU.

I will take screenshots and give details on how it goes once I receive the new components.

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