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Shock upgrade


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While looking online for a Nitron or Ohlins etc I came across this Bitubo54C8E3D3-1114-400C-8458-A4CB6F9A5CA4.jpeg.0aab09b8fb6a917940a38569924666a7.jpeg

Took a chance and bought it even though there was little information other than length, made a new fork end for it by cutting off the mounting from a standard shock and then drilling, tapping and welding a M20 x 1.0 stud to it.




spring was a little light so fitted a new 625lb spring FFDB8919-FF36-4F9B-8225-BE78951A3B8F.jpeg.c7cd6ee84d926abe0b3f1bd92891cd80.jpegE2CBA81B-F529-43F5-9FE5-1AE0B51B9BD7.jpeg.2a20364b395f57a5dcfe08054a2225b9.jpeg

Sag set and compression and rebound adjusters set about middle of adjustment to start with. Length set at 315mm

Checked it out on a short run, seems like it might be a success, definitely more controlled than the harsh stock unit.

Total cost so far just under £300


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2 hours ago, mossrider said:

Enjoy your new bike.

Thats right on the money as to the night and day difference.

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Looks like a real score based on "cubic dollars" spent!   After looking up Bitubo and the fact that it works, the £300 is definitely a killer deal!

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Looks like I may have got lucky, could have been completely wrong stroke etc. But worth a go for £200 on eBay, no body else bid as it wasn’t from a production bike, seller said it had come in the spares package for two Moto 2 race bikes he had bought from Spain.

Shock didn’t have any road dirt on and the threaded collar was well lubed so looked like it had been used purely on track.

Rubber ring on the shaft is handy for checking max travel as well.

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