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The land of chicken and cow crap.


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The weather warmed up to a nice 78 degree early this week so a  Mt07 ride was in need!  It was an enjoyable back road ride with many scenic mounds of chicken crap to smell and feel as the stiff southerly breeze blew the stench in my face with a light dusting of manure peppering my skin. A dairy farm upwind of me also added even more stench on another part of my route.  Still it was an enjoyable crappy ride. LOL

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"..... no tolerance for the fragrances of nature"

Bonus points if you know the movie this is from. 👍

Just shut up and ride.

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In other words, your ride was .... "The Sh*t!!" 



Brings back memories of riding the country roads of Indiana and taking in the scenery and all the pig farm stench. Ah, good times!


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Yeah these dairy farms pump green colored manure water out of the irrigation system onto the corn fields. Now that stinks.  Even the recirculate setting in the car cant keep it out.

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