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Do I need to re-tune my mt-07 with the 09's db-killer ?


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So quite a few people here tried the 09's db-killer on the MT-07 and absolutely loved it. Well, I'm curious and, before jumping on the hype-train, should I re-tune my 07 for this mod ?

(Mine was tuned with the Akrapovic Titanium's modified db-killer in).

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11 hours ago, rylark said:

Wish there was someone doing a fly-by with it, just to be sure before pulling the trigger.

Ill do one mid march when the bike season starts in quebec. 

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1 hour ago, Mimo750 said:

Does it backfires with the mt-09 db killer? 

Yes it does with the dynojet map. Don’t know if it backfires with 2wdw flash tho.

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