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Fz-o7 stolen in austin recently


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Someone Stole my 2017 red Fz-07, 6 days ago in north austin at walmart on parmer in the middle of the day. Last 4 of vin is 0783. I have reward out there. I just bought bike and owe a lot on it and it was my only vehichle so help is greatly appreciated.


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That REALLY sucks. If I lived near you I'd be out hunting, theives WILL become missing persons.

If anyone would miss them.

Did you check WM security video?

Got new red 2015 FZ-07 on 7/22/16!
Black 2006 Honda ST1300 53K miles.

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Your right they wouldnt be missed. I want my bike but if they crash with fatality Im good with that too.

I filed police report and walmart said legally they cannot tell me anything so police would havebto ask for video but the definitely have video. I work there so i pulled a string and have someone looking at tape and eill relay info to me.

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