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I returned  to racing in March 2019, later that year i had a FZ 07 prepared for Lightweight Super Bike competition . I think the end product turned out really well. I look forward to this year of racing. My first race of the year was Ahrma @ Roelbing Road. The track is high speed flowing turns for the most part and the surface is in good shape. I am on to AHRMA @ South Carolina Motor Sport Park, and then the week after FRRMA@ West Palm Beach

While my bike was under construction i leased a FZ 07r from Track Bike Rentals of Fort Lauderdale. They provided a complete package for race weekends. The bike was always turned out on the money. It didnt hurt that the stock forks had Ohlins inserts. It was a great to have it and made trasition to my bike smooth to say the least





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i prefer a braking system that only requires one finger to meet almost all braking situations.While there are very fast guys that have been mentioned in prior postings using stock calipers that by no means is a statement implying my set would not equate into lower time

Brembo Calipers GP-4 RX

Brembo Master   Billet 19X18 Radial 

Brembo Full Floating Rotors T -DRIVE


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