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Need New Levers (Brake and Clutch)


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I got about $200 to spend on a pair levers.

***Shorty Style Needed***

Was looking at CRG's RC2's... 


CRG’s RC2 Clutch Levers feature on the fly roll-a-click adjustment and high-quality construction that improves the look and ergonomics of any bike.


Any others you can suggest. 


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I have the standard ones from CRG on my MT-07 and I love them. Being able to bring the levers to my hand feels better. On my Rebel I had some shorties from Amazon and sent them back. They were not very comfortable on the fingers, the edges were not rounded enough. I learned you get what you paid for. So I'll end up getting them for the Rebel later. Having too much fun playing with the MT-07. LOL

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Sorry, i cant comment on the higher end stuff. I bought ebay full length levers in bare aluminum with black adjusters about 2 years ago. Pulled em apart and locktighted all the hardware. Been doing great for over 10,000 miles. No regrets here. They feel great and look nice. 


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I bought the Shorty CRG's and I love em. Quality machining, perfect fitment and feel, bushings and hardware from OEM levers work like a charm. Was a 5 minute install. 


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I am running ASV levers and am very happy with them.  I had a cheap Chinese set for a while and they worked fine but just seemed a bit flimsy.  I wanted something better made so I switched to the ASV. 

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On 3/15/2020 at 3:33 PM, Kyuzo said:

Any others you can suggest. 

FWIW.... Go Mad Hornets!!!  I've been running these for about 10,000 miles, and they are great!. Mine are in black, and the color is the same as new. They are plenty tight and work perfectly. Oh yeah, and they cost $40!


Take your $160 left over, and buy some combination of the following IMHO much needed upgrades each of which are under $100:

R6 throttle tube (2C0262400000)

Evotech radiator guard

Shogun frame sliders

OES axle sliders

Osram Night Racer light bulb

Denali Soundbomb Mini Horn


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