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PCV vs. ECU flash


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   With all the doom & gloom with COVID-19, I thought I would try to post something positive.

   I had been running a PCV on my FZ-07 since new in 2017. I usually run a PCV in all my bikes, for one reason- RESALE.... I usually don't keep my bikes longer that 2-3 years. I like the option/freedom, to be able to pull all the 'go-fast parts", and sell it as stock. Most people want a "stock" bike, and since aftermarket parts usually add ZERO to the resale value, I pull all the aftermarket- and sell the parts separately. This formula has worked well for me on many different bikes. Yeah, it's a little more work, but I like wrenching on bikes, and I can make a little more money off the parts after the bike is sold.

   That being said, I whole-heartedly LOVE my FZ-07!!!! I've never been this happy with any bike I've owned over the last 40+ years. I have a total investment of over $12,000 in my bike (new bike + parts) 🙄. I figured I'm WAY too far into this bike to turn back at this point 😬. I'll probably buy more bikes, but doubt I'll ever sell this one. I figured I should probably at least consider pulling the PCV, and educate myself on getting an ECU flash. Everyone on this site seems happy with their results they get from 2WDW- I started there.

   My motor itself is stock (internally). I have an Akrapovic Ti system, and the JD Hordpower intake. I was running Hord's PCV map, and totally satisfied with everything. Hord's map requires you to tap into the "speed sensor", and changes the mapping depending on what gear you are in. That seemed like "over-kill"  to me, but I went with it.... Everything worked seamlessly, as it should. I was very reluctant to get away from something I was so happy with. But, I just kept asking myself "what if" 🤔-

   Pulled the trigger, and sold my PCV to another member on this site. I got my ECU mailed off to 2WDW, and returned in 6 days. It was January in MN, so I had nothing but time...... A couple weeks ago it got warm enough to ride it for the first time since the flash. I had all the engine-braking removed, and all the standard stuff the 2WDW recommended. It was REALLY different!!! It took a bit of getting used to without the engine-braking. I have years of supermoto experience behind me, so engine-braking feels "normal" to me. It took a bit to get used to using the brakes more. The power was the same, if not better than the PCV on the "butt-dyno". I did notice a couple small differences. When "blipping" the throttle off of idle, the response with the PCV seemed a little more "crisp"- not by much, but my OCD picked it up. The other thing I picked up was the exhaust smelled "richer", not by a lot- but I bet my MPG will drop slightly (I'm good with that 😎). 

   In summary, I'm VERY happy with the flash I got from 2WDW!!! If you absolutely KNOW that your going to keep your bike long-term, then "Just Do It" 😀. That being said, if I wasn't 100% certain I was keeping the bike long term, I'd still consider going the PCV route. The ONLY reason is because of the flexibility to go back to "stock" at any time. 

   Sorry if I got a bit "wordy". I like to be thorough 😎-


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