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Seattle area riders?


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Hello all - noob here with my first post.  Any riders in the Seattle area interested in some good weather riding once the apocalypse runs its course?  I just picked up a '19 MT-07 and looking to enjoy some good rides. Stay safe out there!


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Welcome and nice looking bike 👍

Hopefully this Wuhan flu gets out of here soon..

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@Jbeezels, I am up in Bellingham.  It looks like we may have some good riding weather tomorrow and Thursday.  I am looking forward to getting out.  The lack of traffic recently has been great (that might be the only good part of this pandemic).  When the riding season gets here pnwmoto.com is a good place to go for group rides in our area. 

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I'm in Olympia. Haven't gone as far as planning any long rides yet but probably will be in the next few weeks. Looking at doing a trip out to Snoqualmie, Olympic National Park/ WA  Coast and Mt. St. Helens. Off topic but there's a '15 Liquid/blue Fz07 owner around town who I see often. I have yet to "run" into him. 

As far as other FZ07 owners in WA I know there are 2 guys on Youtube who are in the state. ShakeandBlake and Russian Rider. 



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Wow, been awhile since I checked these forums.  Probability of you checking back on this topic seems slim (as it has been 1 year since you've made the topic), but I moved to maple valley 3 years ago in a few months.  I've not seen your motorcycle around though.

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I visit here at least once a week.  Got any questions, ask and I will answer!

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