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Not sure if this is a problem


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Was riding my yesterday to test out the r6 master cylinder I just put on and i didnt expect it to feel like the way it did. When I emergency brake the levers seems to move very little as I'm braking. Like I squeeze harder and the bike brakes harder as I squeeze but lever travel seems non existent. I'm not sure if I did something wrong but I dont think I did. The r6 mc is a 16 mm I think and I didnt think it would feel much different then the fz.  When I'm off the bike and I squeeze the lever everything seems normal just stiffer then the fz but I didnt think anything of it. Riding it however feels like I'm squeezing a brick. When you first start to pull the lever does move a little and that little bit does slightly actuate the brakes but then a wall. Is it something I need to get used to or is it a problem?

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Assuming everything is hooked up correctly. Its something you're probably going to have to get used to.

The Fz is a 15mm master I believe so with the r6 master you have a 14% increase in master cylinder area which would require 14% more lever pull force to achieve the same braking/clamping force and with less lever travel. (Probably unnoticeable) 

The other thing to check would be to measure the lever pivot point to the master cylinder center-line to see in if there was an increase/decrease to the "lever arm".

I wish my MT felt like this.  Im used to snowmobiles with single piston calipers and when you pull the brake lever it hits a wall hard and stops (like what your experiencing). I bled by brand new bike for hours because it felt spongy till it hit me, there are 8 pistons in the front all being fed by one master cylinder.  That turns into a lot of travel in the master.  And due to the hydraulic area compounding effect there's more clamp load on the rotors for the same pull on the lever compared to the snowmobiles ive ridden.

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I think that’s normal. That’s pretty much how my R6 feels compared to the XSR/MT07. I like the stiff feel, the xsr feels soft with too much travel. 

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