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7" Round Headlights - What do you have?


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I'm looking at changing my headlight on my 2017 FZ-07.  I'm looking at either a dual headlight setup or a single 7" inch head light.  I've been doing a lot of research on it and was just seeing if anyone out there wants to share what they did. I'm looking to spend under $200 for the upgrade.   

Has anyone used this 41mm for bracket?  Does it fit?  


CNC Aluminum Front Fork Headlight Brackets fit for 41mm. Perfect for your Cafe Racers and Custom Projects. We only provide Black colors to you. The package includes 1 pair of...

What about a housing bucket and headlight?  What have you used and are there any mods that you've had to do as far as the wiring goes?  


I'll be posting some pictures here soon but recently here are the mods I've done in the last few weeks:

-Handle bar mirrors

-DNA Filter and DNA filter cover (had my cousin 3D print the cover for free)

-Shortie Clutch levers

-EJK Fuel Controller (trying to find the right tune for this)

-Anodizing Racing Fuel Exhaust - Baffel Out

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It will be a week or two minimum but I just finished ordering parts so I can put on a 7" LED set up. Went with Motodemic metric headlight bucket, Motodemic fork mounts and instead of the light they sell I got a Vision X Vortex on order with the high 4 module so all lights will be on for high beam. I will put up some pics in here when I get it on. Been wanting to do this for a couple years now. Mine is also a 2017 FZ-07. It is in the silver and black color.

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 Put mine on over the weekend. Still somewhat a work in progress. I still need to go back in and solder my signal wires, hook up the halo power to the running light lead and maybe figure something out to make the wiring bundle look better. It's just the stock rubber wallet looking thing by the ignition switch now which isn't "bad" to look at and is definitely functional. I just think I can make it look better or at least a little cleaner. I already rode around with it some Sunday and everything works and stays in place well.


 - Motodemic metric bucket and bezel (black)

 - Motodemic FZ07 / MT07 mount brackets (pricey but VERY nice and well made)

 - Vision X Vortex LED (7") with Halo. Black chrome finish. This thing will super sick with the halo hooked up. My LED signals also have the white LED running lights. More pics top come soon after tidying this up and cleaning up the whole bike good. No night ride on it yet but I got the high 4 plug with it so high beam turns on all the lamps. Can't wait to test it out.



Light 1.JPG

Light 2.JPG

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