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diffrences in model 2017 and 2019


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I got an almost new 2019 MT (Europe) , but with missing parts, as example ECU.
After finalizing all changes for track use, I just put one of my flashed 2017 ECU into 2019 model.
But the engine didn't start, on the contrary, there were wild misfires!

Does anyone have experience on this issue?

I have checked,
Pickup sensor: same and same Position
Rotor: same and the same peaks , but different spar part numbers
crankcase: same spar part numbers
cams, cam gears: all same spar part numbers


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I am sure the engines are the same.  Are you certain you have not mixed up the spark plug leads? 

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Based on you profile pic, I'm assuming this is a track/race bike? This post intrigues me 🤔...... You mentioned it was nearly new, but with parts missing.... Is it possible someone removed the cams at some point? Maybe the timing chain got installed improperly- throwing the timing off just slightly? My gut says if the ECU works on one bike, it should work on the other. Maybe there is some other part missing that you are not aware of. Possibly the TPS, or O2 sensor wiring got pinched/cut? I would reach out to 2WDW (one of the forum sponsors), and ask them if the ECU changed between the different years. I doubt they did, but those folks are very knowledgeable about ECU flashing. They really do care/want to help riders out. Let us know how it turns out. Good luck-

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Any chance the old ECU is from a bike that’s non-ABS? In the USA the ABS bikes have different ECUs than the models without ABS, regardless of year:



List price: $551.99




List price: $489.99

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thx for the help,
sorry for the missing information:
the bike was stolen, after it was found, I bought it from the insurance.

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after an evening in my workshop, i don't know what has changed,
but I found a solution.
and  it is simple, as mjh937 mentioned, just changed the spark plugs.
I have not mixed them up, based on the cable coloring, they are exchanged in comparison with my other bikes.
Thanks again, for all help!

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