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EJK Installed - Hi RPMs No Pull - What's Wrong


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So I just installed and EJK controller on my bike after installing a DNA Filter, DNA Filter cover, and Anodizing Racing Full Exhaust (no baffel).  I noticed that when I yank the throttle in 3rd gear or higher the bike gets really loud, RPMs go up, but my speed doesn't as much.  It's like there is no pulling power but the bike sounds like it's going fast.   Not sure if this would indicate that it's not getting enough fuel or too much.  I've been adjusting my tunes on the EJK using this website:

But there isn't one for the Anodizing Racing exhaust.  I contacted their support a couple of times but have not heard back from them.  My current tune is GRN @ 6YEL @ 7RED @ 7.5G/B @ 3Y/B @ 5R/B @ 1.  

Could I have another issue other than the EJK settings?  The bike otherwise runs fine.  It idles fine and seems to have plenty of power, it's just not pulling like it should when you yank the throttle.  It's almost as if the clutch is slipping but the motor is laying it down.  I have a 2017 FZ-07 under 3k miles.  

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From their website. 

Could try test running without the ejk to see if thats your problem. It wont run THAT bad with those mods without a tune, for testing purposes.

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I do have it grounded to the negative battery terminal.  I was planning on disconnecting the EJK if I didn't hear back from their support (which I haven't yet after multiple attempts!!).  

Appreciate your input geophb!  Thank you.  

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First, sorry to hear about your troubles. I've been using an EJK with a different setup than yours since around '15 and I had similar trouble with mine initially when I tried to adjust the fuel. The only reason I was adding more fuel to mine was to eliminate the decel popping but I found out that although it may've helped tame the popping to a degree it hurt the bikes performance more than anything, made it less responsive (like yours). I ended up going back to the original suggested settings for my bike. I'm assuming your pipe is the culrprit since you have a setup for a different pipe it appears. What I would suggest is back off of the fuel a little and test it. If that doesn't help then repeat until you can't go any lower but remember what light you started on so you can take it back to where you started. Then, I would keep trying with Dobeck support. GL.

*Just an after thought and I may be wrong but you may want to put your baffle in and test it, you may've lost mid-range power by taking it out. Some people have sworn that their "seat of the pants" detector felt a loss in mid-range punch after doing so. 


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