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Has anybody used this light before? Got a free $50 amazon gift card and figured id give it a shot. i know ill have to splice the blinkers in as i assume is being for the R3/FZ07. If not ill will update with some photos and feedback. if it holds up i cant see this being a bad 2nd choice from the $130 TST version. 


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I haven't used it but I thought you might like to know I did read some of the reviews on amazon for it and I thought a particular thing should be pointed out in case you weren't aware of it. You're right about probably having to splice wires but there's something else I noticed that is of more concern after it's installed and directly affects your safety, it's the brightness of the lights. One person said they seemed "bright enough to be seen" which didn't exactly sound like he was "wowed" by them and a guy that gave a 2 star review said this about them: "The light is so weak. I’m not sure if anyone can see it." The signal lights in a picture looked weak to me also. If it were me I would consider shopping around some more to either find something around the same price range that's dazzling people a little more or spend a little more for something that's clearly better. GL.

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Update: Honestly im very happy with the outcome. It came in a nice box with bubble wrap and had a film layer over the lens. There were no instructions but the brake light plugged right in and the blinkers were very simple just 1 wire each. In the sun it is still very visible and it fit great. The yellow strap was just to test the fitment. Carbon fenders are very tedious to work with didnt wanna do it twice lol.  Honestly for $50 im more than pleased. It works, it looks good and isnt "dim" like some had suggested in the review.   


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