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Throttle Tube Rust


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Guess this is an issue. Swapped out the old throttle tube today and found rust underneath. It's an 18 MT 07 with only 3,000 miles. Road in the rain only once. So I ended up sanding it and sprayed some rust paint on it. 


Side note. I put on the motion pro r6 throttle tube because it was cheap. It's still too much travel to get to WOT. Definitely will buy the OEM R6 throttle next time.  


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That's normal. Nothing to worry about. Steel bars will just do that when the paint is wore off. Best to smear a LIGHT coat of grease on the to help the throttle tube glide. Most likely will prevent any light surface rust from forming in the future as well. 

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Agree with the above posts:

Light lubrication under the throttle tube is what is required. not paint.

That's why, believe it or not, when your bike was new on the showroom floor, the area under the throttle tube was already devoid of paint with a light coat of lubricant under the throttle tube.

I'd expect paint to simply wear off and eventually work it's way out from under the throttle tube as dust.


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