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Hi from Melb, Aus. Just bought a full power MT07 from the dealer, oops, they gave me the restricted one!


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Hi all!

Just found out about this forum. Here's a unusual path-to-the-mt-07 story.

My very first bike was a black-on-black Honda VTR250 purchased from a dealer, second hand. It was fantastic. My next and much loved bike was a classic blue/silver Yamaha R3, which I found incredibly versatile and have praised before, even touring on it! You can read about that at http://adamch.com/great-ocean-road-trip/

I'm keen to remain within the Yamaha stable, perhaps even looking at a MT09 Tracer down the road, but for now was looking at a MT07HO (unrestricted). Love the Tracer 7, but it's not sold unrestricted in Aus, and the recent facelift model isn't coming here. So the plan was to get a normal MT07 for now and "tracerise it" with aftermarket farkles later.

On the ride home I noticed my bike was pulling like a monster down low but really ran out of puff up high, rowing through a few gears in the top half of the rev band didn't give anywhere near the same gut-punch as rowing through them down low. 

y sneaking suspicions started to creep in. I got home, checked the throttle stop, and yep, restriction in place. After a few posts around the traps to confirm, then pulling off the airbox to look at an intake restrictor (no mean task on these) it's certain. I was sold a lemon.

Anyway, totally stoked with the torque. If the MT07 was my first ever bike I probably would have been in a spot of bother in short order, it's a beast. If I can sort out a HO and get that to pull like that all the way up? Whooeee, I'll be happy for some time to come I'd imagine.

Looking forward to discussing gear and such when this is sorted!  RIP!

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Welcome and congrats on the new bike. 

If you paid for an HO seems like you need to ring up the dealership and tell them they sent you home on the wrong bike! I very well could be wrong, but aren't the low powered versions actually down on CC's as well? Just a thought!

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They are indeed to comply with law. Lower CC, throttle stop, intake restrictors. It just chokes and dies at about 6k, that ground swell of torque down low falls off a cliff, it feels like.  That said that super low torque is still amazing! 

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Just an update on this one lads, as much fun as it is to whinge and moan unfortunately the Dealer's done right by me and offered an epic deal on a brand new MT07HO, with some in store vouchers and free delivery to my door to boot.


All's well that ends well, and I'm sure they won't make this error again!

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Hey mate, I'm in Melbourne and have an HO. Good choice.

Plenty of great info on this forum. I bet you don't leave it stock for long..!

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