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Dies at idle


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I bought a fz 07 from a dealer which had alot of rust in the tanks and fuel pump (the filter inside the fuel pump). Before cleaning it, if I pinned the throttle it would get stuck at 6k and not go past, then it would bogg. I cleaned everything and then went to start it, it ran for a bit but died. When I give it throttle it boggs down even faster. What is the problem? Do I need to flash the ECU?

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Don't start reflashing or tearing down motors yet. Sounds like it's clogged up somewhere with rust/debris. Make sure everything is clean from the tank to the tailpipe. Retrace your steps and clean, repair or replace anything that is suspect of being affected by said mess. Make sure the tank is properly cleaned and/or creamed so it doesn't keep replugging the system. Replace all the fuel and vent lines that may have become clogged. Run some Seafoam through it. Clean the injectors and throttle bodies. Check the fuel pump and replace any parts as necessary.  I'd bet it's just dirtied up somewheres.

Good luck.


Edit: I'm surprised the dealer let it out the door in that condition.  I'd be having a discussion with them about getting it fixed or splitting it with you or working out something unless you already made that deal and took it 'as is'. 

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My first thought is clogged injectors.  They are the smallest opening in the fuel system and therefor the first thing that will get clogged by contaminants. 

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Very likely, it's a clogged fuel system or injectors as the others have pointed out. 

Have you disconnected the fuel line from the fuel rail, pointed it in to a bucket, and turned on the ignition?  That will tell you how much blockage you have from the tank, pump, filter assembly, and hose.  

It's a safe bet to flush anything with kerosene and a squirt bottle, pushing it backwards the way it came in.



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The lesson learned here is the fuel tank, injectors, fuel pump and fuel lines/filter and plugs (plugs were gunked up, yours could be) should've been either replaced or thoroughly cleaned before you ever turned that key. I did all that with a used Chevy S10 that I suspected had rust somewhere in the system since it sat for five years and when everything was complete it fired up first turn and ran like a top.


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