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Battery drain.


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Hello I've had a mt07 for 9 months.  Soon after buying it I noticed it would go flat. The garage adviced me to get a charge mate which I done..

It needed to being charged on a daily basis so decided to get a new battery

I've been using the bike daily and yet the battery is still going flat. Surely this is not normal.

Does anyone know what could be causing the battery to drain over night? As it's driving me absolutely mad.




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Are you turning the ignition key all the way off when you shut off.? If so, that sets a parking light on.  It has been known.

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Just do it! 

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What, if any, mods have been added to the bike? It sounds like you have some sort of parasitic draw going on. Is there a USB port or something similar installed?

Just shut up and ride.

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There's some good info above to ask yourself.  If that doesn't work, locate the fuse box, and every night after you're done riding, remove a fuse to a different set of electrical components; one fuse per night, and only one fuse at a time until you find out which fuse stops the trickle when it is removed.   You can go from there by keeping that fuse out of the circuit and using a DVM to measure the resistance of the circuit piece by piece (connector by connector).

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