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Akrapovic baffle in/out - question


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I have akrapovic exhaust and decided to put the baffle in. It has been modified by the previous owner - the outer pipes are shorter and the inner ones have been widened. It goes in pretty smoothly but I wasn't able to put the retaining screw at all. I tried hitting the baffle with a hammer to go deeper inside - still nothing. I ended up removing the slip on from the bike and it turns out the hole in the baffle doesn't align with the whole in the exhaust. It's a little bit off but enough to make it impossible to put the screw in. After some work with hammer I did manage to align it and tighten the retaining screw.

So my question is - am I doing something wrong or it really is such a pain in the ass ? 


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It’s not you. It’s a pain in the ass. Some are tighter than others but try letting the exhaust warm up first and spray some wd40 on it before putting it in (lol 😂) it usually helps it a bit. Warming it up made a big difference for me, just let it run for a couple minutes. It’s also rather difficult to align the screw hole perfectly, especially when it’s a tight fit. 

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The easiest way I've found to remove and re-insert the baffle is with a bearing puller. The slide lets you get it out easily but also to let you push it in without damage to the baffle. Looks like the one I bought from Amazon is not available right now but I think there's a million like it 


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