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Anyone running Active Tune from FTEcu on their bike?

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I've been scouring the internet trying to find more info on the Active Tune module from FTEcu but it's been hard to find- it's mostly just from people trying to sell it. I understand the prinicples of how/why it works but I'm wondering how it translates to real world performance and if its worth it for a weekend toy- I don't race but I love to tinker. Aside from people on the R1 forums essentially saying it smoothed out throttle response I just haven't been able to find anything quantifiable.

I guess my concern is throwing down for the module and not being able to feel any appreciable difference (I already have a 2WDW tune), that on its own isn't a huge deal especially if I knew my bike was verifiably running more efficiently/with a better AFR/etc. But the other thing that I am worried about is the Bosch Lambda sensor as a point of failure- I don't have the highest degree of faith in Bosch aftermarket 02 sensors (I know they arent the same thing, but thats where I've actually dealt with their product) and it would stink to do little more than pay a few hundred dollars to add an expensive specialty sensor to my bike if it just ended up being less reliable.

With all that said I'm just wondering if anyone has real hands-on experience with the product and can discuss their experiences as well as give a recomendation on whether or not it makes sense for someone like me to buy it. I'm definitely not skeptical that it works, just wondering if its right for me, if I got even a minimal increase in HP or MPG along with the stated benefits in rideabiltiy I would probably be happy, especially if it added any sort of degree of safety or compensation for changing an airfilter, adding/removing a baffle from my exhaust, etc.

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I have it, and have had it for 2 years now.

I can speak towards how I feel it works, but not how it might compare to a full dyno tune.

Why I like it: It allows me to swap between baffle and no baffle without worrying about fueling.

Does it work? Yep.

How do I know? I turned off the auto-tune and set it to make recommendations that don't apply automatically. Basically, you set your initial tune, ride around and then hook up your laptop and it spits out a table with suggested fuel trims. It took 2 iterations to resolve the terrible throttle response of the stock "unrestricted" tune, and another 2 iterations to get the bike feeling punchy again.

Active tune only adjusts fuel trims and does so based on the O2 readings. A full proper dyno tune *generally* includes timing, Fuel, and TPM tuning.

There's nothing stopping your from doing both though.

And as always in these threads, I must caution anyone reading to NOT use the unrestricted tune. The timing is entirely too aggressive at low RPM and the throttle maps are not optimal in a few places (they literally just made a gradient without regard to other factors). I'm not a tuner, but I believe it when other tuners say the unrestricted map is NOT for street use. It's a baseline for tuning on a dyno. Stick with the stock ignition timing at the very least unless you're taking it to a dyno.

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Thanks for the reply, thats more or less the exact reason I was looking to run it as I have the Akra Ti exhaust and like to switch the baffle around. I'm hoping it will actually have a noticable effect considering I already have the 2wdw tune.

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