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Thought I would throw up a side bar about these things since I use them a lot and many folks are curious about them. It seems I get more questions and comments about my inverter than my bike at MotoAmerica races, lol. 

I had to replace my Harbor Freight Predator 3500 inverter this year.


I had run it for 3 years and put 593 hours* on it before she let go last fall at Pitrace. I replaced it with the pictured Westinghouse iGen4500 inverter. These are marketed as Cummins-Onan, Pulsar or Westinghouse.


Both these units are quite popular due to price, especially when compared to their Honda or Yamaha equivalents at 2 to 3 times the cost.

Tale of the tape:


Basics spec's, the Predator, $700ish, is 3500max/3000 continuous watts, 212cc, 57 decibles, 12 hour run time, 1-30 amp universal twist lock (aggrevating) and 2-20 amp outlets. Electric start with recoil backup.

The Westinghouse is $1000ish, 4500max/3700 continuous watts, 224cc, 52 decibles (optimistic), 18 hour run time, 1-30amp RV plug (more practical) and 2-20 amp outlet, wireless remote start fob, cool telescoping toter handle concealed in bottom.  Electric start with recoil backup and the aforementioned remote.


Both units are very quiet, especially compared to their generator counterparts, but substantially more expensive than same. They are approx 1/3 the price of the Honda or Yamaha variants and generally reliable.  Both units have informative digital info centers and the Westinghouse has a fuel gauge that has fuel remaining and run time remaining features.

* My Predator burned out at Pitrace last fall using it during a trackday weekend. We were running 2 sets of tire warmers @1100 watts each and the air conditioner @ 1200 watts. We repeatedly reset the over load switch in the paddock where the pavement temp was 103 degrees (air temp in the low 90's). It had 593 hours on it. At 3000 watts it was marginal for my needs and was getting abused on a continual basis. I had changed oil in it religously after every race weekend, approx 45 hours run time. This new unit was chosen to hopefully be more suitable to my needs.

Time will tell.

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Interesting. Was just looking at generators for my new toy hauler and it seems a bunch are doing the dual 2200 with the parallel kit. I'd rather not deal with two separate gens and the hassle of hooking up the parallel kit.

I might have to look into that Westinghouse!

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I just replaced my Generator with this 2200 watt Onan/Cummins powered inverter. The dealer actually talked me out of both the comparable Honda & Yamaha units. Same features as both, but they had a sale/deal on them for $749 (MSRP is $949). I got it home, and ran it. I have to say I'm very impressed!!! Just as quiet, and just as light as either the of the Honda/Yamaha units. Not sure, but I think it's even made in USA?

Cummins Generator.JPG

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