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Road 5 wear pics


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Got some funny wear in a short period of time. Have to check my records, but should be about 1500 miles on this tire. Paid the big price they asked hoping for some longevity in exchange. Getting tired of changing tires every few months. Wondering if I got a bum tire. How does yours look?


Wavy pattern between compound layers looks odd, but lots of feathering at tread voids. 


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hard to tell from the picture, it might be suspension or airpressure related.

What PSI are you running at and do you have a modified suspension setup?

I ditched Pilot Road's after my PR4's roasted themselves in 4000km. My PR3's lasted 10k.

I get a solid 5k out of the Pilot Power's and they feel way more responsive. The Grip is awesome too. For the price, I'll probably never go back to Pilot Road's.

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Assuming you wiped off the edge of the tire for the pic but I don't see any Abby Normal wear. On tires with large void spaces like that you'll have feathering on the edges from braking and accelerating. And the closer the void runs to across the tire the more pronounced it will be. Proper tire pressures will slow but not eliminate it.

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That was an impromptu post/ cellphone pic while eating a hotdog in the park today. Yeah, it's a bad pic. I didn't wipe the tire off. Just noticed last few rides that the edge where the compounds come together look very uneven. Like, the softer edge compound isn't as tall as the center compound.A definite step where the two meet. Reckon the side compound is just going away quicker. I've been pretty mild on this tire. Not bombing downshifts ( skiddering around corners can be fun :D ) and generally just taking it easy lately. 

Still running a S21 up front. The Road 5 rear will kick out pretty easy. It doesn't like any sort of sudden changes midturn at all- throttle, brake or road surface related. It's performance is on par with a Shinko 009 IMO, except the 009 is very fussy until warm, where the Road 5 is consistent at all temps. 

Since asked, it's a CBR600RR rear shock ( that could use a tad bit more rebound damping), 38psi in the tire. 

Checked my records and I'm right under 2k miles. Judging by the wear bars, this tire may make it to 6k miles. I've never gotten much past 4k on any rear. S21 rear is 100% grip at all times, but they go away in under 3k miles without trying hard, so maybe this tire will pay for itself in miles after all. 


Thanks guys. 



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@shinyribs, my Road 5’s also look uneven where the compounds meet.  I assume that is normal, otherwise we both got abnormal ones :) .

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My Q3+ looks like that after street riding... When I track them, I don't get the "line" were the different compounds meet? The only thing I can think of is that they are getting up to a more uniform temperature on track? I never had any problems with them, they just look a little "odd" after street riding-

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Hard to say if it's good or bad or what caused it without knowing for sure. All you can do is keep riding with them and monitor them to see if anything bad starts starts to appear, unless you can find a professional that actually knows specifically what caused or 'usually' causes that and what to expect afterwards.


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