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Thumbs up to Matt at Robem Eng.


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I decided to try something new this year and try out the rear link and offset triples that Matt makes.

Ill start by saying I DID NOT decide to try them out because of poor handling, rear squat, bike not turning, not being able to exit a turn blah blah. Actually, the way Zoran at TWF racing initially set up my bike with oem forks and traxxion internals along with an oem link and proper sprung and length penske in the rear the bike handled the exact opposite of what i read in alot of these posts about the fz07. It was a sharp handling bike. All i had to do was think about it and the fz07 did it and did it well. 

Now, why i DID decide to try out what Matt has to offer. The super duper fastest guys in the world are doing it. 😎  You dont know what you dont know. Plain and simple. I have to find out for myself. It was time to try something new to gain more edge and what better time in the off season to make some changes to the scoot. I havnt been able to shake it down yet but im feeling real good about this new setup. Im still running the TWF suspension setup but with the new triples and link. Ive spent some time with Matt on the phone picking his brain and trying to soak up his information and advice. He's answered his phone, returned calls, texts, and always been good with communication. All this while hes getting bikes ready for when the MA season does start.

So, Thanks for the time and support Matt.




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