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W40 suspension oil according to instruction


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Hey all,

I recently bought Öhlins FSK 108 Fork Spring Kit. Its basically a new spring+pre-load tube along with a adjustable pre-load cap.

Whats got me confuses is in the instructions they say to use their Öhlins high performance Front Fork fluid 01316-01.


The 01316-01 oil has a Viscosity - 98.1 cST at 40 ° C, that falls in the ballpark of a  SAE W40. That oil feels excessively thick.

The stock oil is W10 and everywhere i have read, the recommendation for my weight 80kg (175 pounds) I should go with a 15-20W fork oil.


Anyone that knows more that could recommend what to do?


For reference:




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Use ohlins recommendations - they know best.

I've only ever had good results based on their products and settings.

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