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I overheated my LCD


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My LCD has Delaminated!!!

Hi guys, I'm a new owner of 2018 MT-07. Most of the mods on my bike have been done by the previous owner and I decided to do a few touch ups to make it "mine" 

  Unfortunately,  I am not very delicate with fragile things, so during LCD color flip mod I either put to much heat on the old polorizing film or was pulling it too hard and layers of glass have delaminated from each other. The end result is - unique instrument cluster theme, looks like deep blue space with white stars all over and a small creal spot that is a bit annoying. I am looking  for a replacement  as it is a little bit hard to see on a sunny day. Although I only need LCD panel, looks like it can't be sourced separately and I will have to fork out $250-500 for a complete dash and pull LCD panel out of it. Does anyone have instrument cluster for sale?

I would rather put something aftermarket with analog tachometer but can not find any information or DIY's specifically for FZ-07. Looking at universal speedometer units they all use separate speed sensor and magnets... don't like that... after looking at diagrams I think I will be able to wire everything except RPM and Speed, help needed here. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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