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Favorite Multi-Tool???


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I have had a lot of multi-tools over the years, but somehow the MacGyver in me always goes back to the Swiss Army Knife.

Well, about three weeks ago Victorinox came out with what might be their most perfect knife yet - the Farmer X. The reason I like it is that it has a great combo of very useful tools without any of their more funky ones like the hook or corkscrew. Plus it is not as big/weighty as their larger ones, and has the much more durable Alox panels. I just got mine today, so it's my new toy/obsession.

Having said that, there is always a place on my keychain for a Leatherman Micra!

For you multi-tool folks, what is your favorite and why???



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Leatherman Micra.  Most functional in stainless steel.  And if you happen to jam your ear plugs in too far and can't get them back out with your finder tips, the Micras have tweezers.  😂   (For the guy who's found out the hard way more than once). 🤔  

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