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DynaJet settings for Akrapovic ti no cat or baffle.


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New to the forum and apologies if this has been posted already or in the wrong place. Long time builder new to the fuel injection world. 

Currently running an Akrapovic Ti exhaust on my 2019 Mt07 with a power commander 5. No catalytic converters and stock intake. I’d like to remove the DB killer baffle but when I do it pops like mad when letting off the throttle. I had a bad experience with my first build and burning valve seals.

Anyone know the settings for no baffle? Any help would be appreciated. 

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Welcome to the forum!!!!! I had that exact same set-up on my bike with no issues at all??? This may/may not be what you want to hear, but I've got some good advise for you.  Spend another $299 for the "Hord power" intake. Do a search on the forum for Hord power. If you buy his intake, he sends you his proven PCV map for free. You will need to run an additional wire between the speed sensor, and the PVC. His map actually changes the A/F ratio depending on what gear you're in. It's much easier than it sounds. The most restriction in this bike is the stock airbox. I can honestly say the BEST $300 I spent on my bike was the Hord Power intake!!!! Good luck 😎-

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If you want to decrease decel backfiring you can go into your PCV map and add a fuel trim of 3 in the 0% throttle range from 2,000 RPM up to rev limiter. You don't want to add any fuel trims under that in the idling rpms you want those at 0. When you do this it will add a small amount of fuel when you are off throttle to reduce the decel backfiring. 

I started at 5 on the fuel trims and backed it down until it just started to get a burble and pop every once in a while not all the time and for me that fuel trim was 3. 

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