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Robem Engineering Road America 2020 Round 2


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MotoAmerica TwinsCup Road America Round 2 Race Report

Round number 2 seemed promising having already turned laps with the previous two-race weekend last month and set up notes still fresh in our minds. Darren James once again was incapacitated for travel with the border travel restrictions we would have to make due once again with a full Suzuki effort.

The bikes had recently spent some time on the dyno and were looking healthy for round #2 in the land of cheese and brats. Velocity Calibrations had freshly serviced the forks for both Jackson and Toby after the first round with Toby wanting to make some adjustments we couldn’t accommodate during round one.

First Practice saw pace much slower than previous race pace as to be expected with the cooler weather at 09:10 around the 4-mile course but in line with the pace of other riders on course, time for lunch. With looming rain and weather looking clear the rest of the weekend we mounted rain tires while debating the merit of Q1 being able to provide any transferable data to Q2 or the race. The consensus was to put the warmers on the slicks and come in partway through Q1 if rain approached vs burning tire stickers and leaving us to run a scrub in either Q2 or the race with only 3 tire stickers left for the weekend.

Q1 saw the riders increasing lap times versus the morning practice, with few riders improving much if at all. With environmental conditions deteriorating we retired to Parc fermé hoping drier conditions would allow the riders to push times in tomorrow’s Q2.

Q2 was hotter with the pace being pushed quicker and quicker with Kaleb and Rocco leading a charge during the session. When the dust had settled the riders had put in a respectable effort qualifying with Jackson Blackmon on the front row in #3 position, Toby Khamsouk on row three in #7 position and the Doctor himself Carl Price on row five in the #14 position for the 10:20 race on Sunday.

Race time on Sunday for the twins was the first race of the day. Prepared for a scorching pace based on the flier put in by Rocco in qualifying the riders took to the grid with eight laps to contest in the Wisconsin sun. All riders got away with a clean start with Jackson slotting into 3rd and Toby in 5th going into turn 1 at the start of the race.

Jackson had a misstep halfway through the race that left him on the sideline and eventually in the pits with the rest of the team to watch the remainder of the race with the team to cheer on Toby and Carl. Toby in the mix with 5 riders vying for the final position on the podium with 4 riders driving to the finish out of the last turn with Toby crossing in 6th position. Carl not to be outdone by his younger teammates bested his personal best by almost 2 seconds completed the race in the 12th position.

Congratulations to all the twinscup competitors and we will be back on the bikes in the Georgia heat at the end of July before you know it.

Toby R2.jpg

Jackson R2.jpg

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