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Ignition problems


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I have a 2018 MT07 with full Akrapovic Titanium exhaust, BMC air filter, and PCV. I recently start having issues where the bike would lose power and start shuddering. It seemed like a misfire or only one cylinder was working. Then the bike just died on my way home. Found that the ignition fuse was blown and I replaced that but it didnt fix the problem. I started taking it apart and realized my dumbass put the wires for the PCV right under the seat but not under the metal frame so they were starting to fray. I believe it also caused the cylinder 1 ignition coil to short out. I just bought new ignition coils and sparks plugs, and repaired the wiring for the PCV. I would just like to know the Ohms resistance for the ignition coils to check the cylinder 2 coil. Also please feel free to share any ideas. I am by no means an expert. I've included photos of both coils.



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